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Chamoling Wild Deer Domestication Tourist Area

This tourist area includes such scenic spots as the Chagyima Grand Hall, Karmardo Pagoda Forest, Norong Valley, Holy Mountain Deqing Photrang, Yiri Hot Springs and highland pastures.

(All the scenic spots can be reached by bus and have lodging facilities. Riwoqe County seat has hotels, restaurants and nightclubs. Some 30 kilometers from the county seat, there are the Chagyima Grand Hall and Holy Mountain Deqing Photrang, Chamoling and wild deer domestication center, Norong Valley, Kamardo Pagoda Forest and Riwoqe County seat. You can stay in the county seat for the nights.)

Zhongque Festival held on the 15th day of the sixth month of the Tibetan year will combine these scenic spots and activities together.

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