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Cultural Consideration


The Tibetans are among the easiest people to get along with in Asia. But still there are some cultural considerations you should better to pay attention to when you travel in Tibet.

1 Do not photo them without permission!
2 Always circumambulate gompas and other religious objects clockwise , thus keeping shrines and chortens to your    right.
3 Don't touch or remove anything on an altar.
4 Don't take photos during a prayer meeting. At other times always ask permission to take a photo, especially one        using flash. The larger monasteries charge photography fees.
5 Don't wear shorts or short skirts in a monastery.
6 Take your hat off when you go into a chapel.
7 Don't smoke in a monastery.
8 Do not eat dog, donkey and horse in Tibet.
9 Be aware that Tibetans often gesture with their lips to show a direction, so if a member of the opposite sex pouts    at you they are just showing you where to go.

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