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Tibet Winter Touring


Tibet Autonomous Region held first Tibet Winter Touring Press Conference
On September 12th,2007,the Information Office of the Tibet Autonomous Region held first Tibet Winter Touring Press Conference which was organized by Liu Xuan-the deputy director of Foreign Propaganda Office of the Tibet Autonomous Region,the deputy director of Tibet Tourism Office-Wang Songping and the commissioner of Nyingchi Area-Zhou Jincheng,respectively give the specific introductions about the related information of Tibet Winter Touring and answered the questions proposed by the journalists.

The Tibet Autonomous Regional Tourism Bureau integrated the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, Nyingchi airport and many other transport resources advantages, especially proposed from winter to spring launch Nyingchi - Lhasa Shigatse- the main line east of the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, Potala Palace, Mount Everest, "Chinese landscape Road" - the high gallery series of tourism products to enable visitors to experience deeply of Tibet winter sunshine, the multicolored storied plantation, snowy mountains and snow, the unique charm of the northern simple

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Nyingchi region has a long history, the culture of it can go back to ancient times, the ancestors of the Tibetan people here accrue reproduction. Here are divided Gelu Section(the Huang), Nima Sect(the Red), Geju Sect(the White), Saga Sect (the Flowers),Benbo Section and many other religious denominations, 49 temples, 28 Lakang ,48 religious sites around the township.There are many relics here,mainly in the cloth-estate sites, as Hill tombs, ancient castle-Pakistan, Cliff, Tea-Horse Road, Tanganyika Lang Dynasty sites, palaces, the 13th Dalai Lama. Some of these monuments depict the magnificent historical picture of Tibet, reflecting some superb architecture of the ancient art, some of the testimony of national unity in history, some of the heavy concentration of folk culture and customs. Here is that the ancient battlefield, here is the birthplace of Tibetan medicine.

Nyingchi is not cold in Winter,the average temperature in about eight degrees Celsius.From
November to April of the following year, Nyingchi is full of wonders,everywhere are the worldly paradise.From November to Februray of the following year,eye of reach,there are the Peak snow,
fog cloud steaming around, the glimmering sunlight flickered away;the forest hill in the middle of the mountain are multicolored,storied plantation.At the foot,it is yellow straw, sumptuous, a colorful world.At March and April, the two sides of Niyang River bloomed peach, colored wild flowers proudly spacious, drift away far which is one snowy Jiangnan extreme scenery.The tourists who chose Autumn and Winter to visit Nyingchi,they will experience the feeling of touring in the paintings.

It is said that,in order to build the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon renowned tourism brand,bring up the festivals in Lhasa,Nyingchin,Shigatse and Shannan as the key touring products of Tibet,the Tibet Autonomous Regional Tourism Bureau will hold the conference to promote the Tibet Winter Touring products in Bayi Town,Nyingchi on October 12th,2007 to 15th,at that moment,will formally lauch:
1. On behalf of the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon for the winter ecology tour
2. View the Potala Palace as the center to do winter tour of the holy city
3. On behalf of Mt. Everest for Olympic tour and Snow Touring.


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