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The Phaga Temple

Located in Niangbhu township in Konpo Gyamda, the Phaga Temple is about 5000 meters above sea level. In the past, the temple was in the charge of the Gandan Monastery, It is said that there are two towers in the temple, and one of them is laid up the clothes, shoes and hats of the first abbot, Tseba Zongkapa. The Phaga Temple is of Geluk Sect and was founded during the period of the fifth Dalai Lama. There are about 1000 different Buddhism status and nearly 100 monks in the temple. The Phaga Holy Mountain behind the temple is quite famous in Konpo Gyamda. The shape of the mountain seems like Goddess Dojee Phamo. The Dojee Phamo's Navel Hole in the middle of the mountain is especially efficacious, which is regarded as they Holy Hole. There are two piles of Mani Stones at the entrance of the deep hole. The bigger hole is connected with the smaller one. And there is a skylight on the top of the hole. The walls to help the travelers to climb. The upper part of the Navel hole is regarded as Goodess Dojee Phamo's mouth. There is a pond and an intermittent fountain. The local people call one of them "the Leaking Hole for Dojee Phamo". The intermittent fountain never gets exhausted in seasons. It spurts water every four hours, and six times a day on time. The fountain has got another name"the Phaga Hole Spring". It is said that a hawk flies out when it spurts water into air. There are three prayer tubes moved by the flowing water and there is a famous celestial burial place in the slope below the Phaga. It is also said that there are three sisters' lakes with the color of blue, green and white, covering an area of 100 mus, 50 mus and 3 mus respectivly.
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