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The Renchen Ben Temple

The Renchen Ben Temple is the largest temple in Metok, located in the Namtse Malha Mountain in the Metok village. The temple was founded soon after the Menba people moved away. Till now about eight generations have passed. It is said that the temple was founded by the living Buddha Ganpo from the Gandan Temple. The first building is the one that there are twelve walls and four doors in the different directiion. The building was made of wood and stone, and there were three floors. In the temple several gold-plating Buddha statues can be seen. In 1950, the temple ruined in the earthquake. Later it was rebuilt as the one with two doors, the east and the west.
Other famous temples in Metok are the Dawang Temple (located in the valley of the Lamje Lhatse Mountain in the south of Menyu Dawang), the Lhoban Temple (located in Konpai valliage in Metok), the Geling Temple (located in the Geling valliage in Metok), etc.


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