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How to make phone calls in China


Every major city in China has its own telephone number directory, or the “Yellow Pages” referred to in other countries. The number for directory assistance is 114 throughout the country. This is a free service, where an operator will help you find a number for a company or an organization. But if you are looking for a residential number, 114 would not be able to tell you as phone books in China do not list residential numbers.

The speedy development of Chinese telecommunications means that it is now one of the most mobile-connected countries in the world, where cell phones are seen and used almost everywhere. Cellular phones can also be rented. Therae are also direct dial numbers where by dialing a local number in China, one can reach free of charge an operate in other countries. Then the charges will occur on the other side, not in China.

When people answer the phone in China they say “ which doesn’t have a specific meaning. It is just the way of starting off the conversation. Except for large hotels or sino-foreign joint venture companies, it is not common practice to say the receiver’s name or organization’s name. Therefore it makes sense to confirm the other party’s telephone number first when making a call.


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