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Hotels in China


China has many hotels, international hotels can be found in cities of all sizes. In major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou and coastal cities, there are a number of hotels ranging from one to five stars. To better meet the needs of tourists and respect their ways of life, China’s National Tourism Bureau has designated tourism hotels for foreigners. One to two-star hotels are easy on the budget and still relatively comfortable, but may lack certain facilities compared to other hotels. Three to five star hotels often larger in size and higher in price, but come with a comprehensive range of facilities and services, such as: language services, help in getting taxis, buying train tickets and booking flights, travel services, money exchange, etc. So overseas or domestic tourists can rest assured about accommodation issues in China, they will be spoilt for choice. Normally you would need to book ahead for starrated hotels, phone numbers for which are available from dialing directory assistance on 114. You can make reservation through travel agencies if travelling in the peak season which might be cheaper.

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