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China allocates huge investment to protect holy mountains and lakes in Tibet


From 2008 on, the Central Government will allocate 280 million yuan (about 35 million USD) to protect the entironment in Mt. Kangrinboqe and Mapham Yutso Lake which have been listed to be the national key wetland protection areas, according to Tubdain Tsering, head of Burang County in Ngari Prefecture of Tibet.

Located in Burang County of Nagri, the Mt. Kangrinboqe, known as the "Mountain of gods", the main peak of Kangdese mountains at 6,714 meters, together with the holy lake, Mapham Yutso, 20 kilometers southeastern away from the Mt. Kangrinboqe, covering an area of 412 square kilometers with an altitude of 4,588 meters, have attracted thousands of travellers as well as believers of Bon, Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism every year.

With the increasing tourists and believers, the holy mountains and lakes have to face a lot of pressure. Tubdain Tsering said that the Central Government had started a project to launch effective protection to the 3,000 mu(mu, an area unit, equals 1/15 hectare) wetland around Mt. Kangrinboqe and Mapham Yutso Lake.

These years, all the ticket earnings have been put into environmental protection as there are five washrooms around the Mt. Kangrinboqe and Mapham Yutso Lake while the local government has hired 56 local farmers and herders for 24-hour patrol to protect the forest and collect rubbish.

Related official said that with the improvement of environmental protection measures, this area would become a true holy land.

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