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Border trade with South Asia flourishing in Tibet


Border trade is flourishing in Tibet with the operation of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway and the reopening of Nathu La Mountain Pass.

From January to September, the border trade amount has come to 250 million USD with an increase of 28.3 per cent, sources from Tibet Statistics Bureau.
Marching with Nepal and India, Burang in southwestern Ngari of China's Tibet, has a history of 500 years for border trade attracting many businessmen from China's Sichuan and Qingahi, Nepal and India.

Tenzin, director of Burang Commerce Bureau said that there were 37 businessmen from Nepal and India in the border market of Burang County and they were active from every July to October. From January to September, Burang County has gained 8.6 million yuan (1.075 million USD) from imports and exports.

Tibu, 44, a Nepalese businessman runs a shop less than 10 square meters, but sells over 200 kinds of products including Indian makeup, Nepalese candy and cloth. Tibu can earn 40,000 yuan (about 5,000 USD) every year, half of his family cost.

From May 1 to June 28, over 240 Indian businessmen have taken part in the border trade in Renqen Border Market while 512 Chinese locals participated in trade at an Indian border market within 36 normal business days for the opening of Nathu La Border Market. 

"We Like China-Nepal Friendship! China and Nepal are Good Brothers!", such kind of Chinese characters can be easily found on the trucks travelling between Nepal and China's Tibet.

In the near future, China will improve the road condition to increase the border trade with South Asia. The Central Government plans to invest 800 million yuan (about 100 million USD) to renovate the highway between China's Tibet and Nepal, sources from TAR Communications Department.

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