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  Tashilhungpo Monastery---the resident monastery for the Panchen Lamas of various generations
  Yungbulhakang---the first palace in the history of Tibet
  Shalu Monastery---the only well-known monastery in Tibet to keep the style of the Yuan Dynasty
  Samye Monastery---the first monastery in Tibet to boast statues of Buddha, Dharma, and monks at the
  Sera Monastery---a famous temple of the Gelug sect
  The golden roof of the Jokhang Monastery---located at the center of the ancient city of Lhasa
  Gandain Monastery---the fundamental place for the Gelug Sect to perform Buddhist rites
  Drepung Monastery---mother temple of all previous Dalai Lamas
  Rongbu Monastery---the Nyingma Sect, located at the foot of Mount Qomolangma, is the highest monaste
  Minzhoilin Monastery---the ancestral temple of the Southern Nyingma Sect
  Curpu Monastery---the ancestral temple of the black hat line of the Garma Gagya Sect and the first t
  Sakya Monastery---the main temple of the Sagya Sect, which played an important role in placing Tibet
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